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About Us

Welcome to Axiom Business Advisors.

We provide expert financial and non-financial solutions to our clients by walking with our clients in long-term partnerships to help them grow their businesses.


We combine our footprint on the ground with the latest technology to deliver superior solutions that are specially-tailored for our customers. We have a broad network of partners in Africa and beyond that contribute to our knowledge and insight. We are sensitive to the needs and goals of our clients, and we are eager to support our clients throughout their business journey.

Our Services

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Business coaching and mentorship

We facilitate the entry of international investors into the African business landscape to ensure seamless transactions in the continent. We also prepare local entrepreneurs and corporates to venture into the global markets.

Business linkages

We connect your company with the right partners according to your business needs. We help you establish mutually beneficial relationships that will spur your business growth in the right direction.


We enable you to access local and global business finance and assets that will give you a competitive advantage.

Project evaluation

We closely walk with you to analyze while giving recommendations on your project from pre-implementation through to post-implementation.

Business Analytics

We use the latest technology to provide cutting edge business analytics for both new and existing businesses in the African investment landscape. We avail market intelligence and insights from the in-depth primary and secondary research we undertake. 

Focus Sectors


As the largest sector in Africa, employing more than 60% of the populace, opportunities in this sector are endless. We adopt a value-chain approach to investments in agribusiness, which offers multiple business/market opportunities depending on our clients’ competitive advantage.


Private sector friendly energy policies are paving the way for increased investments in both renewable and non-renewable energy in Africa. We know this landscape well enough to structure business opportunities for our clients.

Information Technology

We are always glad to help our partners tap into the attractive returns in the information technology economy in Africa. From opportunities in financial services, operation management, and data analytics, we remain the partner of choice.

Real Estate

The African real estate industry is ‘uniquely’ different in structure and business approach.  The high demand for commercial and residential properties due to the high urbanization rate in many African countries are driving high returns on real estate investment. We can facilitate the strategic partnership for market entry and leadership for our clients.

Consumer Sector

The middle class is growing in Africa, and so is their spending. Meeting the needs and aspirations of these millions is a business opportunity for many investors. We are pleased to support our client in market penetration and any other valuable advisory solutions required.

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Our Partners

We are committed to building strategic partnerships that are built on trust and mutual respect with like-minded individuals and companies who share the same passion with us in growing entreprenuers and businesses in Africa.